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Founded by Sarah Hemphill, former business leader, long-time yogini, dedicated student of shamanic medicine and lover of fine whiskey, her 'distillery' is dedicated to health and wellness by returning to that which is timely, simple and universal. We believe fully in the ripple effects each layer of the human being has on the other, from the physical to the mental, emotional and spiritual. Thus, it’s our mission to ignite ALL aspects of your being. To help each one of us distill to our most essential, healthy self. Through travel, yoga on the mat and off, sacred ceremony and community, we welcome all who wish to distill with us.

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Within the Fawn’s Gaze

Within the Fawn’s Gaze

Aug 9, 2017 | No Comments

In May I arrived at Circle Yoga Shala, an organic farm and training center in the Ozarks where I completed a teacher training in 2013. Here, I began a year long apprenticeship after selling my home and moving my dogs and few remaining belongings from North Carolina. We now reside here in a precious one […]

The Day I Quit My Job

The Day I Quit My Job

Dec 16, 2016 | No Comments

Sometime in April of 2016 I sat in the familiar conference room. Surrounding me were our business unit’s leadership. The meeting was being led by me and my team. A group of mostly 30 somethings like myself who, under my leadership, had been given the responsibility of leading a quarterly review of ‘The Customer Experience’. […]


  • Testimonial

    “Forever thankful to Sarah Hemphill for her Costa Rica Big Medicine Retreat that has set the tone for 2017! Thank you for taking me to paradise to connect not only with fun & adventure, with nature, with 10 other amazing women, with a heightened awareness when it comes to yoga, but most importantly with a deeper sense of self love & gratitude. ❤️ Thank you for introducing me to the light that is Robbie Warren, and the truth that is Holly Krepps. I highly recommend Sarah to my Facebook friends interested in such retreats!” ~ Heather

    - Heather

  • Testimonial

    “I loved most the opportunity to commune with strong, evolved, interesting women, from all walks of life. To go beyond my comfort zone on many levels and emerge a more authentic, empowered version of myself. I also think you should post a warning like they do at the beginning of big roller coasters ‘do not ride this ride….etc. ‘ 🙂 Or in short ‘if you want to flip the script and emerge a bigger, bolder, most authentic version of yourself, come aboard.’ ” ~ Terri


    - Terri

  • Testimonial

    “What I loved most about our Costa Rica Big Medicine Retreat:
    1/The physical adventures: rafting on the wild Tenorio River, a beautiful hike in a volcanic valley, and a repelling voyage in Lost Canyon. All of these experiences cracked open my joy in returning to Mother Earth, a most gracious teacher.
    2/ The spiritual adventures found in our facilitators’ encouragement and invitations to absorb their “medicine” and to apply it lovingly in our lives.
    3/ The joy of building relationships and making friends with beautiful women.
    All of this is possible because of the thoughtful planning of the Retreat’s founding leaders. I would go anywhere with these women.” ~ Edi


    - Edi

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