Sacred Ceremony


Since ancient man, ritual has been used as the safe container into which our entire being can enter to achieve healing, epiphany, social and spiritual connection. It has been used in the yoga tradition and traditions around the world to help us connect with our divine nature and higher intelligence, what the yogis would call, the one who sees.


Whiskey Mystery Medicine Ceremony 

Have you ever wondered why alcohol was called ‘spirits’? This ceremony may answer your question. It is a return of the ancient art of connecting with plant spirits as they unite in the form of the substance today known as ‘whiskey’.

Not a happy hour gathering, ceremonial use of whiskey helps us achieve un-inhibited and profound connection to our Third Eye and our guides in the spiritual and intangible realms. In this ceremony we honor the plants and their spirits used to create whiskey. For example, we honor corn for the spirit of sustenance, rye for the spirit of love, wheat for the spirit of abundance, and barley for the spirit of foundation. Then through intimate connection, both to one another and Spirit, we transmute our ‘shadow’ parts into our teachers, releasing the parts of ourselves that prevent us from seeing and experiencing with clarity.

Historically whiskey was originally distilled, primarily by women, at home for medicinal purposes and commonly used by medical professionals to treat everything from the flu to battlefield wounds. That is, until its decline as ‘medicine’ during the US prohibition era. As a spiritual aid, alcohol is still used around the world in sacred cultures and by medicine people from the South African Sangoma healers who keep a maize beer on their altar, to the indigenous Peruvians who make an alcohol from the Macca root.

This ceremony is thus uncovering an old art and returning it anew. Those called to this ceremony must understand it is truly a ceremony for transmutation, for reaching profound connection to one’s higher intelligence and the mystery beyond. During ceremony we also learn about distillation, plant medicine, the history of whiskey in the US, and the dual stigmas of both medicine and poison the spirit of alcohol has manifested for mankind.

*This ceremony is not recommended for those in recovery for substance addiction. Whiskey is optionally used in this ceremony.


Ceremonies are offered for groups and individuals upon request. To inquire into hosting a ceremony for a group or individual ceremony please use our contact form or email direct:

Sarah’s Yoga Distillery is agnostic and non-discriminatory in our ceremonies. We welcome the needs of all people and welcome all walks of life. Our ceremonies are guided and protected by the ancestors and the elders within our community. We invite anyone interested in seeking safe harbor for spiritual cleansing, wellness and connection into our ceremonial teachings.

We also disclaim that we are not a distributor or seller of alcohol.