Sacred Whiskey Ceremony


Since ancient man, ritual has been used as the safe container into which our entire being can enter to achieve healing and ‘spirits’ were once called so for a good reason.


What is Sacred Whiskey Ceremony?

Through the ancient art of harvesting plant grains, fermenting and distilling them to yield a powerful essence we call alcohol, Sarah is exploring and learning a very old form of ceremonial plant medicine. Her guides and teachers live both in the tangible and intangible worlds. The ceremony she has been given for this medicine came in a vision during her first concentrated diete` and vision quest with the spirit of her own whiskey distillate, a five day personal quest done in the way plant medicine people have worked with plant spirits for eons.

As she has continued to explore this art, Sarah is uncovering the cultures and shamans around the world making and using alcohol for ceremony and healing. This is an ancient art form indeed. Not just shamans but doctors in the West have also acknowledged the healing potential of alcohol. Whiskey was often prescribed for physical healing until addiction and abuse became such a problem it was banned as a medicine by the American Medical Association in the early 21st century.

Like all things used out of balance or context, alcohol is poisonous. Our relationship with it is complex and stigmatized. In her process of fermenting and distilling Sarah seeks to recreate the sacred relationship we have with the plant forbearers of alcohol. In the making of ceremonial grade whiskey Sarah honors and brings reverence back to the process which includes death, rebirth and extracting the purest and most powerful essence of the plants and their partners in the fermentation process.

Created in ceremony and imbibed in ceremony, alcohol becomes a conduit for removing barriers of the mind that prevent connection to Spirit. It becomes a metaphor for taking in and transmuting – literally burning away – that which blocks us from what we seek most. As the medicine works with us we may experience visions, meet with guides of a spiritual nature, process emotions that need healing, and find ourselves in greater comfort and connection with one another. 

Ceremony Dates


March 16-18, 2018 @ Circle Yoga Shala, Jasper Arkansas


Treat yourself to a weekend of ceremony to warm the heart, purify mind and body and experience the transmutative powers of medicinal whiskey used in ceremony. By participating in this weekend of ceremony you are supporting Sarah with her continued exploration and education in this medicine. Much gratitude to you!


Weekend Agenda


Arrive between 4-5pm to get settled in on the farm.

530pm Welcome and Witness Final Distillation 

6pm Commercial Tasting Ceremony

630pm Dinner

745pm Bonfire / Story-telling / Intention Setting


7am Coffee/Tea

8am Breakfast

9am Ceremonial Fire Lit

11am Purification Lodge Ceremony

1(ish) Lunch

2-4pm Rest, Hike, or Visit the beautiful National Buffalo River

430 – until Whiskey Medicine Ceremony for Transmutation & Clarity



7am Coffee/Tea

8-9 Breakfast

930-1130am Closing Circle and Meditation

12pm Lunch

Lodging & Meals provided by Organic Farm and Training Center Circle Yoga Shala

Friday evening – Sunday Lunch:

Shared lodging/All meals = $120

*Private lodging/All Meals = $160

Cabin rentals also available; inquire about availability and cost.


*Limited availability, first come first serve.

Cost for Attending Ceremony: suggested donation to Sarah’s Sacred Distillery is $100-$175 per person

REGISTRATION: $35 deposit via PayPal to


Fayetteville/Bentonville National Airport is 1 1/2 hour from CYS

Little Rock National Airport is 2 1/2 hours from CYS

Driving Directions:






Ceremonies are offered for groups and individuals upon request. To inquire into hosting a ceremony for a group or individual ceremony please use our contact form or email direct:

Sarah’s Yoga Distillery is agnostic and non-discriminatory in our ceremonies. We welcome the needs of all people and welcome all walks of life. Our ceremonies are guided and protected by the ancestors and the elders within our community. We invite anyone interested in seeking safe harbor for spiritual cleansing, wellness and connection into our ceremonial teachings.

We also disclaim that we are not a distributor or seller of alcohol.