Distillation is to unite and ignite earthly elements that have untapped potential, releasing their most powerful essence.


At Sarah’s Yoga Distillery we honor this truth in the metaphor of the yogic process. At the heart of our mission is the desire to connect with our own personal potential for self healing and joyful living. Thus, our definition of yoga is expansive and extends off the mat. Our yoga aims to incapsulate many proven practices, like the joy of travel, as well as universal truths and teachings from the many sacred and ancient cultures.

In doing so it is our aim to revolutionize health and wellness by returning to that which which is simple and universal. We believe that the human being cannot be compartmentalized. We also honor that for detailed discovery and observation, compartmentalization is often necessary. But for fully expressed healthy living, we must look at the whole being.

We subscribe to the ancient yogis description of the whole human as a layered being. The physical; the mental and emoting body; the higher intelligence – the third eye; and the ‘sheath of bliss’ – our soul. In this framework we acknowledge the highways that exist between each layer of our being and the ripple effects between each. In simpler terms, we honor that what tenses the heart, tenses the body and mind and vice versa.

That’s why our mission is to ignite ALL aspects of your being. To help each one of us distill to our most essential, healthy self.

We do not believe in deprivation, self control, diets, ‘powering through’, or any philosophy that ignores are our own bodily alert system or need for joy. Rather, we adhere to the simple fact that to be successful at what we pursue we must be holistic and blissful in the pursuit.

We do believe in inquiring into negative stress, alleviating pain through learning from it, nurturing ourselves, and encouraging ourselves towards cultivating a being who feels healthy and well.

We welcome all who wish to distill with us.

About Founder, Sarah Hemphill


Sarah personally found yoga as a young adult in need of healing both chronic physical pain and debilitating grief. She has been a student of many wonderful teachers around the globe and taught dance, yoga and meditation to people of all ages and levels of experience. She received her RYT (certification with the Yoga Alliance) at Circle Yoga Shala, where she currently resides as an apprentice to the farm and training center. As a part of her personal spiritual path and her training in service, she is also an apprentice with Robbie Warren Hill, Otter Woman Standing, modern day medicine woman, visionary and shaman. Through this life-long apprenticeship, Sarah dedicates herself to walking each day in connection with Spirit and the ancestors.

An avid traveler, philosopher and hobby distiller, Sarah works to uncover the science/art of medicinal distillation and plant medicine – two connected arts used for eons around the globe for healing and spiritual and social connection. This is her personal expression of the 8th limb of the 8 limbed Hatha yoga practice, which is the practice of connecting to Om, the divine infinite source.

While the study of movement and the sacred arts is a key part of Sarah’s journey, her path has been influenced by ALL life’s experiences. From growing up in a family of teachers, receiving her BA in Philosophy at American University, an MBA from Wake Forest University, her first career in the arts, her second career as a strategist in corporate America, being a sibling to a brother with special needs, to being a human who has experienced loss and joy and remained dedicated to seeking and fulfilling her purpose, her dharma.

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